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Why mobile gambling is the next big thing

Most of us have seen all the reports and articles on 2010 being the year of the mobile internet. The quote below adds to that. “Regarding the pace of change, we believe more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years.” –The Mobile Internet Report, Morgan Stanley, […]

Mobile gambling takes a step towards the massmarket

Yesterday we heard that Pokerstars acquired Cecure Gaming, a producer of mobile gambling products. The most prominent product being their mobile poker product. The general opinion has been that casino games by its simplicity are better suited for mobile than poker. Facts from Cecure beg to differ. They had 80% of their revenues from poker. […]

LBS is hot!

Interesting to see the spike in readers yesterday after I posted about Layar and LBS. It shows it is of interest and the time might be ripe for some real LBS apps. This week I am launching a new section on the site called Expert Articles. The aim is to gather information around a few […]

More on smart pipes

Back to the subject of smart pipes, that had me going last week. All operators should open up for access to sockets. Then there will be a flood of rapid and stable multi-player games for┬ámobiles. Take casual games. It is a category that has made it big time on the web. Look at companies┬álike King.com […]