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Why expensive handsets wont cut it – comment

Reading more from FierceWireless Europe on the handsets. I just have to comment. Will comment at FW site as well, when their comment function is back up again.

Anyway, if a consumer has to make the choice between keeping up their mobile phone service usage and a new handset I would say in 10 cases out of 10 that they would go for the service and wait till they have come out of the recession to get a new handset. If that assumption is true, wouldn’t you have to stretch the definition of a (usually high end price) smartphone seriously all the way to include pure budget price phones?

And where is the profit for the handset manufacturers? Are they able to subsidize their own market shares through this crisis?

What’s your take? Will consumers postpone handset upgrade in order to be able to afford paying for their mobile services habits to keep them unchanged?

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