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More on smart pipes

Back to the subject of smart pipes, that had me going last week. All operators should open up for access to sockets. Then there will be a flood of rapid and stable multi-player games for mobiles. Take casual games. It is a category that has made it big time on the web. Look at companies like King.com […]

Media exec note to self on strategy: mobile mobile and mobile

Mobile World Congress is in the midst of its third day. Is the Ericsson party tonight? What deal had that guy from Newbay say he had done last night in the bar? Is there a place to get foot massage nearby? I am sure the questions are many as the mega-over-the-top-exhibition-fatigue sets in. In that environment […]

Bebo pushing mobile

Will 2009 be the year when the established web communities make it big in mobile? We read in Mobilenews and other sources listed below about Bebo‘s push to reach more mobile users. In addition to that we have the rumours that Facebook and Nokia will get cosy with each other as most recetly reported by […]

SIME08 – Joi Ito missing the point but making one anyway

It was with great excitement I was going to listen to Joi Ito live for the first time. Unfortunately his presentation did not do justice to his message about creative commons. It turned into a history lesson we did not need. In the mobile world creative commons thinking is a huge driver for growth. Content […]

Kids rule!

It is with joy I see that one of my suggestions on multiple mobile web conferences is finally acted upon. I am not claiming any personal credit since I am sure many with me has added this request on the “What can we do to improve the conference next time?”. My suggestion has been to […]

Looking for mobiletribe the app?

I was recently contacted by the CEO at Mobiletribe.net, a cool community aggregation java app for mobile. They are found at mobiletrbe.net. Check it out and try it. They are adding more features by the day. Always a challenge to get people to download a java client, but if they do and they like what […]

More follow-up from Cambridge

Hi again, I just had a very interesting email question from Craig at Neustar regarding my presentation on mobile social networking. In short Craig wonder why I omitted talking about moderation and how to make it work with scale and still not ruin the business case. It is a very valid comment. First of all […]

Wireless Developer Forum – follow-up

Monday I participated at the Wireless Developer Forum conference in Cambridge. It was a great experience to present to the very educated audience. The Q&A and following discussions during the day taught me new things. On a personal note I got confirmation that presenting with the same attitude that I ski is a good approach […]

Is mobile social networking only for the big web guys?

Got this idea when commenting on (another great) post over at MobHappy on mobile social networks. Isn’t the market much bigger among the users in the “Mobile-Only-Internet-Generation” (Do we have room for yet another acronym? – MOIG). The big dragons Facebook & Co. will/are of course taking a large chunk of the mobile user pie. […]

Wireless Developer Forum in Cambridge

I will speak on the subject of mobile social networking at 10 March. I am working on the material at the moment. The plan is to cover a bit about the market, the challenges for developers and the opportunities. You will get a 100 GBP discount on the conference fee for the event if you click here. Do […]